For a user who’s needed to perform their focus on a seat for extended hours, this is a lot more important to be able to prevent any musculo-skeletal disorders and repetitive movement accidents that may arise from constant use of the seat. An ergonomic chair will not totally prevent all accidental injuries as offering support to an excellent posture is merely one key contributing aspect. The other elements that affect ergonomic accidental injuries are forceful exertion or stress, contact pressure, contact with vibration and contact with heat or cold.Researcher Pere Puig stated that the dragging of the apparatus on the seabed lifts and gets rid of fine contaminants of sediment, however also resuspends little organisms surviving in the sediment that constitute the bottom of the meals chain at these depths. The researchers discovered that the real number of nematodes, the most common type of meiofauna at such depths, had decreased by twenty five %. Furthermore, the organic content material of the sediment was 50 % reduced trawled areas, and carbon degradation was reduced by 40 %.