JUPITER is part of AstraZeneca’s intensive GALAXY clinical trials plan, designed to address important unanswered questions in statin research. Presently, a lot more than 69,000 individuals have already been recruited from 55 countries worldwide to take part in the GALAXY System. AstraZeneca has previously announced that it expects to document a regulatory submission like the JUPITER data in the 1st half of 2009 and if approved will begin promotional activities within the approved labeling. Studies have shown that CRESTOR significantly lowered LDL-C previously, had a significant effect on increasing HDL-C and slowed the progression of atherosclerosis, an underlying cause of cardiovascular disease.Mr Flinois adds, Directing the individual to the most appropriate degree of care is not only the single biggest lever to contain the economics of medical ecosystem, it is a necessary step to provide the right quality of care also. Clinical Solutions seven competencies for e-treatment are complete below. For more info visit #1 – Manage the demand for the correct degree of care #2 – Get in touch with 100 percent of the population to reduce health inequalities with multi-channel access #3 – Empower patients to be active and to contribute to decisions on their own care #4 – Provide a seamless safe, and efficient care journey with dedicated pathway solutions #5 – Aggregate an optimal portfolio of structured content from your and other professional knowledge #6 – Address flexible patient programmes with scalable technology, infrastructure and content #7 – End up being the preferred patient stage of contact for healthcare with a trusted e-care platform..