Shaden Marzouk, vice president medical affairs for Cardinal Health observed, ‘This acquisition will create a platform for an interventional suite offering that is differentiated in the marketplace. Cardinal Health offers customers and their patients high quality, value-costed solutions that include various other services, resources, and equipment for service collection optimization. We know these innovative, patient-centered solutions are extremely important in today's evolving healthcare scenery.’.. Cardinal Health agrees to obtain AccessClosure for $320 million Today announced an contract to acquire privately held AccessClosure Inc Cardinal Health., a respected distributor and manufacturer of extravascular closure gadgets in the usa, for $320 million.In comparison, just 10 % of those with low suPAR levels at baseline developed the disease. Moreover, suPAR was shown to predict eGFR decline in patients with established earlier stage kidney disease as well already. ‘We can right now stratify people relating to their risk of develop kidney disease using suPAR levels,’ clarifies Dr. Salim Hayek, first writer of the study and fellow at the Emory Clinical Cardiovascular Study Institute. The exact answer shall depend on additional risk elements and requires more analysis, explains Reiser.