From that perspective, the dark aronia berry offers much more protection than cranberries and blackberries since it is indeed dark skinned. What’s special about the aronia berry? The aronia berry has the optimum concentration of antioxidants within any fruit. We all aware of the need for antioxidants in keeping us fighting and healthy conditions. Just this home of the aronia berry ought to make it a top contender for the healthiest fruit or berry ever. Since it is rich in antioxidants, it has a very high ORAC value, 80 products which is most probably the highest among fruits nearly. On the other hand, there’s more. Aronia berries likewise have lots of flavonoids that assist the body in its fight against cancer causing elements, viruses, known as carcinogens and various types of allergy symptoms also.[T]he federal government and the press have eliminated silent about the tragedy, while you may still find facts requiring clarification, stated Mr. M. Within an email to England about the incident. As of this true time, no media has found on this important tale virtually. All of this disturbs us and makes us dread the worst results for future years. [I]t is quite sad that whole town is paralyzed. Gates Base, WHO lie about security of MenAfriVacWorse may be the reality that the Expenses & Melinda Gates Base, the World Health Corporation , and The Meningitis Vaccine Project , which promote MenAfriVac heavily, have got openly lied about the protection of the vaccine simply by claiming it could be transported with out refrigeration repeatedly.