So, each device of blood undergoes many assessments to check on for infectious illnesses and establish the bloodstream type. Four Blood Groups. It may look like blood is bloodstream — it all looks just about the same to the naked vision. But although all bloodstream provides the same basic elements , not really everyone gets the same types of markers on the top of their red bloodstream cells. These markers are proteins and sugars our bodies use to recognize the bloodstream cells as belonging inside our own system.There exists a suggestion this bloodstream lipid marker also may help to predict who’ll develop Parkinson's disease which research is ongoing. There happens to be no remedy for Parkinson's, however the earlier we capture it – – the better opportunity we need to fight it, says Dr. Mielke. It's especially important we look for a biomarker and identify it in the preclinical stage of the disease, before the onset begins. Dr. Mielke's laboratory is researching blood-based biomarkers for Parkinson's disease because blood checks are less invasive and cheaper when compared to a human brain scan or spinal tap – – other equipment used to research the condition.