The most recent delivery is certainly in response to requests from treatment centers that receive free medicines and medical materials through AmeriCares U.S. Medical Assistance Program. The vaccines, that have been donated by Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi, will be delivered to more than 40 treatment centers, community health health and centers departments serving the uninsured and underinsured in 19 states over another two weeks. The majority of the vaccines are headed to healthcare providers in the West and Midwest, including California, Oregon and Washington where flu situations are rising.Uses advanced protein engineering systems to create proprietary individual protein pharmaceuticals with improved therapeutic properties for the treating hematopoietic and endocrine disorders, cancer and infectious illnesses.

Colorado healthcare workers to be fired if they refuse mandatory flu shots The noose is rapidly closing in on the collective neck of health freedom in the us, as illustrated by a new state mandate in Colorado that unconstitutionally forces medical center employees to submit to flu vaccinations if not lose their jobs. As reported by CBS 4 News in Denver, employees at hospitals across the state no much longer have the option to choose for themselves whether to get jabbed with the untested annual flu vaccine – – their only choice in the matter is to either take the shot by the end of the year if not get fired.