Related StoriesSmartphone checks bloodstream for parasitic diseasePlayers in the analysis who suffered from color blindness reported losing view of the ball when it was working on the grass or seeing the ball against trees and bushes. Ninety-six percent opted to field in the mid or in-field to greatly help compensate for the condition.3 as compared to 46.4 while at St Kilda. Have your eyes examined and have your optometrist to check your colour vision regularly.?.. Colour blindness in cricket can be managed, study shows Cricketers batting without a sight screen or fielding in the out-field are likely to be most disadvantaged by their colour blindness, a fresh study has found. Earlier studies had already demonstrated that cricketers with a reddish colored/green colour insufficiency can have trouble seeing the reddish colored ball against the green grass of the playing field and surrounds.‘Fresh berries are filled with vital nutrition, such as for example antioxidants, that are essential to good wellness,’ says berry maker Driscoll’s. ‘Antioxidants are located in foods such as for example strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, and they help guard our cells from damage caused by free-radicals, or molecules in charge of aging and certain illnesses.’ A sales page? Hardly. ‘Predicated on data from the USDA Individual Nutrition Research Focus on Ageing , blueberries are among the fruits with the best antioxidant activity,’ writes wellness guru Monique Roy, for Yahoo!.