The pain is normally described as follows: Worse each morning with improvement throughout the day Better with activity and worse with inactivity Gradual ascending design from the lumbar area to the thoracic backbone and then the cervical spine Improves in response to anti-inflammatory medications Some people with AS encounter proximal joint involvement. Rarely, people with AS may complain mostly of little joint involvement. Arm joints are involved. People who have AS may describe pain and stiffness of the rib cage. Breathlessness on exertion may be experienced. In long-standing up disease, a small percent of patients may develop fibrosis in the top lobes of the lung area.. Ankylosing Spondylitis Neurologic Symptoms Low back pain and stiffness increase over three or even more months gradually.BDNF amounts may be even reduced patients if they relapse and rise, at least for some time, with treatment. Pillai. He also studies an pet model which has many behavioral in addition to neurochemical abnormalities very similar to schizophrenia. He’s demonstrated the downstream signaling of BDNF, an integral pathway in the regulation of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA, isn’t functioning well in these pets. Now we will see how we are able to rectify the issue, says Dr. Pillai who would like to keep BDNF amounts on a far more even keel.