Asian-American/Pacific Islanders possess higher survival rates than others for gastric cancers Asian-American/Pacific Islanders with early-stage stomach cancers have an overall median survival rate that’s higher than those of additional races or ethnicities, according to fresh research, Reuters Health reviews. For the scholarly research, Barry Feig of the University of Texas M.D read . Anderson Cancer co-workers and Center examined a lot more than 81,000 instances of gastric cancers from the National Cancer tumor Data source between 1995 and 2002. The researchers’ sample was produced up of 71.5 percent whites, 13.7 percent blacks, 7 percent Hispanics, 5.8 percent Asian-American/Pacific Islanders and 2 percent from other groups.

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As hurricane Irene heads for NEW YORK, are you prepared? This is a NaturalNews preparedness alert. Hurricane Irene is normally headed directly toward New York City now, where it could arrive on Sunday within an event today being described as ‘the worst effects from a hurricane in the region in 50 years.’ Irene is presently in course to hit North Carolina, continue northward to the New York City area then. Accuweather is currently reporting, ‘Such a path would lead to severe impacts that could prompt officials to pressure evacuations. All citizens and guests in the road of Irene should heed these orders if released and prepare homes and businesses for Irene’s onslaught for the time being.’ NaturalNews has lengthy urged its visitors to prepare for the unexpected, therefore here’s a set of some last-minute preparations you need to making right now if you live on the East Coast of the united states: Actions you can take to prepare right now• Fill up your vehicle with gas.