Chrissie Fletcher joins Pharma IQ to discuss about Health Technology Assessment Chrissie Fletcher joined Pharma IQ to speak about Health Technology Evaluation. In this extensive podcast, she talked about how she sees wellness economists and statisticians interacting going forwards, why there is so much focus on reporting for reimbursement and whether she expects pharma companies will attempt and do this more in-house, later on.I strongly recommend only high-end brands and to avoid inexpensive superfoods with a lot of filler such as soy lecithin. It’s also smart to store high nutrient density powders such as for example Camu Camu powder or Pomegranate powder, both which deliver a storehouse of disease-preventing diet. The emergency food miracle: chia seedsIn terms of storable nourishment, chia seeds are simply just one of the best all-around solutions: • They could be conveniently sprouted and consumed as living sprouts. • They may be soaked in water and mixed with nearly every various other smoothie, baking recipe, salad dressings, etc.