HealthyCal: Brown’s Spending budget Would Slash Safety Net Brown also proposed closing state-subsidized domestic solutions to disabled people who live with various other nondisabled adults or minor children, on the theory that those social people may take care of themselves. Brown also proposed shifting more folks in the state’s Medi-Cal system into managed care, a move he stated would save a lot more than $1 billion a calendar year when completely implemented. And he recommended charging families who obtain insurance through the Healthy Households program higher premiums while merging that program’s providers with Medi-Cal .[1].. Chimerix presents promising clinical data for CMX001 in late-breaker poster program at 50th ICAAC Chimerix, Inc., a pharmaceutical company developing orally-obtainable antiviral therapeutics, today presented promising scientific data for CMX001 in a late-breaker poster program at the 50th Interscience Meeting on Antimicrobial Brokers and Chemotherapy .D., Chief Medical Officer of Chimerix, shown pharmacokinetic and preliminary basic safety data pertaining to renal function from 46 patients signed up for Investigator-held Emergency Investigational New Drug applications . Related StoriesEntirely fresh enzymatic process of DNA synthesisChemotherapy treatment can contribute to long-term neurocognitive deficits in pediatric human brain tumor survivorsResearch shows hyperlink between lack of RB protein and long-term survival prices in lung cancer individuals CMX001 was well tolerated in individuals with severe viral attacks with no evidence of nephrotoxicity, which has been a substantial dose-limiting factor for many existing therapies, stated Dr.