While there are excellent gains to be enjoyed from sourcing in low-cost countries, addititionally there is substantial risk. As part of its Category Chatter series, Ariba, Inc. , the leading service provider of spend management solutions, has generated a podcast targeted at helping businesses understand these risks and develop audio strategies that enable them to reap the cost-saving great things about sourcing in emerging nations without sacrificing the standard of their items. DON’T LET the Government Do the task for You Pharmaceuticals should hold its API resources to a higher standard than those set by the meals and Drug Administration .Related StoriesJumping genes: a marker for early cancer diagnosis? Fungi provide a model for learning the eukaryotic mode of life also. Further, fungi are necessary to the functioning of the ecosystems of our world because of the function they play in decomposition and nutrient cycling. New regions of research will be examined within the following five main designs of the congress: Cell biology, biochemistry and physiology; Environment, interactions and ecology; Evolution, biodiversity and systematics; Fungal pathogenesis and disease control; Genomics, genetics and molecular biology. Nick Browse, Professor of Fungal Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh and Chair of IMC9, is looking towards the culmination of years of preparing, ‘The UK has a long tradition to be at the forefront of worldwide mycology and we are remarkably pleased to welcome a lot more than 1700 delegates from around the world to hear from an eminent line up of plenary speakers and to enjoy a wide ranging programme.