Steroids, used to greatly help develop the lung area of a premature baby commonly, can help prevent bleeds as well. And recent research has shown that indomethacin, which like celecoxib is normally a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, has been shown to help prevent such bleeds and can be used to treat premature infants for additional problems, nonetheless it has some severe side effects, Ballabh said. And a 2002 report by experts at Washington University and Northwestern University indicated that celecoxib the same drug that Nedergaard and Ballabh showed aids in preventing the bleeds may also be effective in avoiding preterm labor.CT scan or MRI of the head may be performed to exclude pituitary and hypothalamic factors behind amenorrhea. If the above testing are inconclusive, additional testing could be performed including: Thyroid function tests Determination of prolactin levels Hysterosalpingogram or saline infusion sonography , both of which examine the uterus Hysteroscopy .

CDC: ‘Beggining to see some declines in swine flu’ Reuters: The pandemic of swine flu could be hitting a peak in the usa, health experts said on Friday. But they stressed that influenza, especially a pandemic, could hit many peaks in one season. They said weeks or weeks more of disease could be expected. ‘We are beginning to see some declines in flu activity around the country but there is still a lot of influenza,’ the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Dr.