Although the current study demonstrates how apoE-containing and apoE HDL promote cardiovascular health by maintaining arterial softness, Assoian notes a practical treatment wouldn’t normally target apoE likely, because it does a whole lot of other things that you don't want to interfere with. So the goal in my mind is always to develop something that is actually targeting stiffness but not affecting the lipid aspects of atherosclerosis that apoE and HDL control. The lysyl oxidase inhibitor medication we used in this scholarly study, BAPN, is good for proof of principle, however, not useful on a useful level, because there are way too many side effects. .. Apolipoprotein E plays a major function in maintaining arterial softness Arterial stiffening has long been considered a major risk factor for coronary disease.‘Some potential prey possess dangerous, stinging defenses. In one encounter, Pleurobranchaea figure out how to avoid their smell, Pleurobranchaea learn to avoid it by doing a characteristic avoidance convert during subsequent encounters. We are working with the serotonin pathways that underlie the odor learning.’ Stuart reported at the ACS conference that starving Pleurobranchaea had even more serotonin sulfate, one of the recently discovered serotonin metabolites, which could reveal that serotonin sulfate is definitely a signal for hunger. Stuart and Jason Ebaugh, a doctoral pupil in the neuroscience program, measured the blood levels of serotonin sulfate as a time-of-day function.