The waste products have a very high calorific value, and can be utilized as gasoline. Nanofiltration and ultrafiltration membranes are also being used in work funded by the center East Desalination Research Center, which talks about creating drinking water from seawater. This may prevent damage to the machinery, reducing the need for costly replacements and repair. These total results could be found in mechanics and market, for example, maximising the usage of oil in an engine. Liquids are also being examined at a variety of temperatures, from the very low to the high .Genes that are activated make more mRNA in order to make proteins. The assessment of the various gene variants and gene mRNA amounts resulted in identification of 3 SNPs – a kind of genetic variation – that appeared to be associated with IDE expression levels. One of these SNPs was considerably associated with both elevated expression degrees of IDE and decreased risk of Alzheimer’s, but the researchers did not understand whether these SNPs had been the functional IDE variations or whether they were marking a functional, close by IDE variant. Drs. Younkin and Carrasquillo and their colleagues worked on that piece of the puzzle – results which are comprehensive in the PLoS One research. They determined variants in IDE in areas that are similar among humans, rats and mice. They postulated these variants should be important in altering the function of the gene , because the variants reside in potentially important practical regions of the gene that are conserved between different species.