Electronic information also promote preventive care and attention, improving health insurance and lowering costs. For example, the medical staff could be electronically prompted to provide an older individual a pneumonia shot or to remind the individual of the need for colonoscopy. And by avoiding pneumonia or by diagnosing cancers at a youthful stage, electronic medical information can substantially reduce health-care costs.Can you share some recent results of your research? In the first research, Dr. Her work could demonstrate that a hypothesized X-dimer was an important intermediate in the dimerization process, and that this dimer was important in setting the correct time scale for the biological function of the molecule. In another task, Dr. The combination showed that a group of conformational dynamic adjustments in the proteins control the multistep pathway that the enzyme has to ingest order to handle its biological function. Both of these projects illustrate the energy of NMR spectroscopy in probing dynamic properties and proteins which we believe underline the majority of their features.