Also remember to turn down the quantity, especially when you’re wearing headphones or ear buds or in the automobile. You also should give your ears a rest occasionally if you like wearing headphones. And if you’re likely to a concert, consider wearing earplugs to safeguard your ears from the boom, boom, boom! Actually, special earplugs can be made for you if you are heading to concerts a lot or if you are a musician yourself. Consider these guidelines now and you won’t be stating ‘What?’ on later.. Can Loud Music Hurt My Ears? Huh? Can you up speak? Oh! You want to know if loud music can harm your ears.IN CASE YOU HAVE Questions If you have questions about why the relative mind CAT scan is needed, speak with your physician. Additionally you can talk to the CAT scan specialist before the procedure.. Antidepressants induce new nerve cell development in the hippocampus In adult monkeys, an antidepressant treatment has induced new nerve cell growth in the hippocampus, a brain area in charge of learning and memory. A similar process might occur in humans, the research suggests, and may help explain the effectiveness of antidepressant treatments. The total results, the 1st from nonhuman primates, act like those seen in rodents previously.