Caliper to market RapidTrace solid phase extraction and TurboVap evaporation product lines to Biotage for $16.5M Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.5 million in cash.’ Biotage is obtaining the RapidTrace and TurboVap products and associated resources for $16.5 million in cash and assumed liabilities of around $0.5 million. ‘This acquisition represents a chance for Biotage to mix our best-in-course SPE consumables with robust automation to make workflow solutions for our clients,’ said Torben Jorgensen, President and CEO of Biotage. ‘Caliper built an excellent reputation in this market and is operating closely with us to ensure current clients will continue steadily to receive the same advanced of support and support through a period of changeover and beyond.’..It decreases absorption of calories from fat from meals to lose excess weight naturally. Mirch Kali aka dark pepper includes phytonutrients and essential nutrition to boost functioning of tissues also to fight diseases. In addition, it consists of good soluble fiber. Fiber rich foods decrease cravings for even more food. It relieves you from constipation and the chance of cardiovascular disease also. It is abundant with copper and manganese also.