ALA is a fatty acid that cannot be made by the physical body and must be supplied in the dietary plan. The analysis will be published in the February 2008 problem of Archives of Ophthalmology. Dry eye syndrome is definitely a condition in which the optical eyes usually do not produce enough tears, causing them to be irritated and dry. Inflammation is associated with the condition. Symptoms of dry eyes syndrome include eye irritation, such as for example stinging or burning, eye irritation or a feeling of scratchiness. The problem affects well more than 10 million people, women primarily, in the United States alone and can result in problems with activities such as reading and driving often.As having sex at this time might increase again the chances of becoming pregnant. You may even experience pain in the low abdomen because of sex. Avoid Workout : To be from the medial side effects and pain of abortion, you should avoid exercising. Lifting stretching and weights of muscles will end up being harmful for your body. It is extremely risky to exercise after abortion that you might even have to undergo an operation due to the side-effects. However, performing and resting meditations could possibly be of great help to lessen stress.Avoid Dieting : One should not be hungry for an extended period of time. Having food promptly will help you in getting your menstrual period back to normal.