Another tool to battle pharmacy crime through Twitter Purdue Pharma L.P. Provides another tool to fight pharmacy crime through Twitter .com/RxPATROL. Pharmacy staff, police and loss prevention staff can follow improvements about pharmacy robberies now, burglaries and potential threats within their region and nationwide through Twitter. The tweets provide security and safety tips for pharmacy staff that may help them better shield clients and their businesses.


He was discharged on October 15 after suffering permanent injury to his kidneys. The family is looking for at least $10,000 in damages. Circle G has said that, despite their confidence that no role was played by them in the outbreak, they shall cooperate with the proceedings. The petting zoo has been confirmed as the foundation of the outbreak, but wellness officials also note that heavy rains might have been one factor by washing waste materials to nearby parking a lot and walking areas.. Another lawsuit follows E. Coli infection It isn’t meat or spinach this time; a petting zoo is now under fire to be the cause of a recently available E. Coli outbreak.