Breast cancer patients may experience prolonged fatigue years after chemotherapy Chemotherapy-related weight gain may be element in prolonged fatigueIn a follow-up study, experts at Moffitt Cancer Middle and colleagues have discovered that sufferers who receive chemotherapy for breast cancer might experience prolonged fatigue years after their therapy. The new study, published in the American Cancers Society’s current problem of Cancers, is a follow-up to a study on exhaustion and chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer Moffitt researchers published in Cancers in 2007 sildenafil patentschutz schweiz click here . ‘Fatigue is among the most common symptoms reported by women who are treated for breasts cancer,’ said research corresponding author Paul B.

Breast malignancy screening reduces deaths but overdiagnoses An independent panel of experts has figured routine breasts cancer screening results in a lower life expectancy risk of dying from breast cancer in comparison to when no screening occurs, but that screening also results in overdiagnosis, according to a Review posted in The Lancet. When breast cancer can be detected by screening, it generally permits earlier treatment and a better prognosis for the individual. The panel, led by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the Institute of Wellness Equity at University College, London, UK, was set up by The National Cancer Director for England, Professor Sir Mike Richards, and Dr Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Study UK, to provide an independent review of the data for the huge benefits and harms of breast cancer screening in the UK.