The analysis included 120 adults who attempted suicide and were evaluated at a hospital emergency department within 48 hours of the attempt. Sixty participants were randomized to receive 10 sessions of cognitive therapy and 60 to receive enhanced usual treatment with monitoring and referral services. The central feature of cognitive therapy was the identification of thoughts, pictures, and core beliefs that were activated prior to the suicide attempt. Strategies were put on address the recognized thoughts and beliefs and participants were helped to build up adaptive ways of dealing with stressors.By choosing to eat different fruits of different colours, you will obtain a much broader selection of antioxidants than you would if you thought we would buy only a large bag of apples or oranges for the week. The variation in their color is your essential to the variation of their antioxidant powers. The same logic hold true with vegetables. You will achieve a much larger array of antioxidants by consuming a salad manufactured from small quantities of all the vegetables on the salad bar than you will with a complete size serving of only one variety.