The infrared laser beam can be invisible and harmless,’ said the survey. All this technology is at grasp. Individual trials of Bio-Retina are planned to begin with next. The bad information is usually, like Second Sight, acceptance by U.S. Authorities agencies could take the time. Still, the near future for blind patients will look just a little brighter truly.. Bionic eyes going to become reality: Installing high-tech eyeball to cost $115,000 Laser-powered bionic eye? Seriously? Restore view to the totally blind? Can this headline become correct? Absolutely, regarding to, an internet site published by Ziff Davis, an all-digital media firm focusing on the technology marketplace.Identifying whether a patient’s cancer is at low or high risk of recurring would help doctors reduce unnecessary treatments for low risk sufferers. This may have a huge effect on a patient’s quality of life and also significantly reduce the cost of health care. Did you know? Chemotherapy could be emotionally devastating both physically and. Unwanted effects of breast cancers chemotherapy range between nausea, locks and vomiting reduction to mouth sores, menopause, infertility, numbness and aching of the joints, feet and hands. Currently, most doctors assess a patient’s prognosis utilizing their age group and tumour quality, but this approach doesn’t work very well. Now, NRC researchers have developed a tool to determine which breast cancer patients have small threat of their disease recurring.