‘Despite strong proof against the use of codeine in kids, the drug continues to be prescribed to many them each year,’ stated Sunitha Kaiser, MD, UCSF assistant medical professor of pediatrics at UCSF Benioff Kids's Hospital SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and lead author. ‘It can be prescribed in any clinical setting, so it is important to lower codeine prescription to kids in other settings such as clinics and hospitals, furthermore to emergency rooms.’ Codeine can be an opioid used to treat moderate to moderate suppress and discomfort cough. Due to variability in how children process the drug, about a third receive no symptom relief from taking it, while up to one in 12 can accumulate toxic quantities causing breathing to decelerate and possible death.One have to consider the products based on the ISO standard. 4.Check availability: check option of the medical equipment and if possible produce the payment following the delivery of the product. 5.Check beforehand: That’s check whether you can return the product, if not satisfied you will be having the facility to replace the product. 6.Terms and circumstances: Check all the terms and conditions before you purchase gear 7.Lookout for solutions:Check for best providers that they provide.