Our inclusion signals our constant effort to provide excellent function has paid off. It is gratifying and exciting to be recognized in this real way. American Registry, a well-respected business and professional acknowledgement business seconded the honor. A special acknowledgement plaque has been designed to commemorate LaSalle Solutions’ Top 100 Health-Care VARs honor.. CRN selects LaSalle Solutions for top level 100 Health-Care VARs LaSalle Solutions of Rosemont, IL has been acknowledged by CRN in its collection of Best 100 Health-Treatment VARs. LaSalle Solutions is proud to announce these were selected for particular recognition by CMP Mass media LLC, publisher of CRN, in October 2010 appearing in the magazine. The organization was selected for the following honor: Best 100 Health-Treatment VARs.Bayer’s DIDGET meter is currently available in the U.S. Through CVS.com, Drugstore.walgreens and com.com. Bayer’s DIDGET meter links play with purpose for kids with diabetes by experiencing kids’ existing interest for handheld video gaming. The DIDGET meter positively reinforces constant blood glucose testing practices by awarding factors that kids may use to unlock brand-new game amounts and customize their video gaming experience. As the initial meter truly made with kids at heart, the DIDGET meter can transform a child’s bloodstream sugar testing knowledge from something they need to perform into something they would like to do, stated Dr.