In a study of 47 cellular phone users, scientists showed a 50-minute cell call boosts metabolic activity in the region of the brain nearest the telephone antenna. The preliminary study – conducted by scientists in Sweden and at the University of Washington between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2009 – used high-tech imaging scans to track metabolism of the sugar glucose, which is considered a marker of activity. No one knows precisely what to make of the obtaining. But researchers are phoning in with their opinions. Results of the study provide proof that acute cellular phone exposure affects human brain metabolic activity, the authors wrote, regarding to a statement released with the scholarly study.In a worldwide world where people may seem perfect — or at least in control and normal — we often see ourselves as abnormal or not good enough. Whether it is showed by them or not, though, everybody has complications of 1 kind or another. The First Signs It was the springtime of my junior calendar year of high school — an especially stressful time for many students. I had schoolwork to do, APs to study for, nightly soccer practice, and pit band rehearsal for the institution musical.