CTT’s Chief Scientific Officer and Professor of Chemistry at Washington State University, Dr. Clifford Berkman, stated, ‘Our recent advancements in radiolabeling chemistry, along with Bayer’s expertise in the region, are ideally suited to quickly uncover a promising clinical trial candidate.’.. CTT, Bayer sign Research and License Option Agreement Cancers Targeted Technology , a Seattle-based biotechnology firm focusing on small molecule cancers enzyme inhibitors for the generation of novel diagnostics and therapeutics, announced that this has signed a Research and License Option Agreement with Bayer Pharma AG today, Germany. Beneath the agreement, CTT will continue to work with Bayer to optimize a novel Family pet imaging agent predicated on its unique inhibitor scaffold that recognizes a validated malignancy enzyme biomarker.During his career, Brooks has focused mainly on parasites in the tropics, while Hoberg has worked primarily in Arctic areas. Each has observed the arrival of species that hadn't lived in that area and the departure of others previously, Brooks said. ‘Over the last 30 years, the areas we've been operating have been heavily influenced by climate change,’ Brooks said in an interview last week. ‘Even though I was in the tropics and he was in the Arctic, we’re able to see something was taking place.’ Adjustments in habitat mean animals are exposed to new parasites and pathogens. For example, Brooks said, after human beings hunted spider and capuchin monkeys out of living in some regions of Costa Rica, their parasites switched to howler monkeys immediately, today where they persist.