‘Of program, it’s their fault. But I really do have a pity party for them. It could wreck their business. ‘ In case you have any Blue Bell items in your freezer, they must be thrown by you aside, or come back them to the shop to obtain a refund. The business is dealing with the FDA and regional health officials to attempt to determine the foundation of the contamination. Listeria Situations by Year HealthGrove.. Blue Bell-linked listeria outbreak prompts queries, grief Shelves that once held Blue Bell ice cream items are empty Tuesday. The company is usually recalling everything after an outbreak of listeria.Nobel laureates Robert Curl, Rice’s University Professor Emeritus and Kenneth S. Pitzer-Schlumberger Professor Emeritus of Organic Sciences; Sir Harold Kroto, a professor at the University of Sussex at the time of the find and today at Florida State University; and previous Rice graduate college students James Heath and Sean O’Brien will reminisce about their groundbreaking discovery and the many years they spent defending it, what their function has meant for research and where they find nanotechnology headed. They will talk about working with their Rice colleague and fellow laureate, the late Rick Smalley, and solution audience questions. Following the Nobel session, Ray Johnson, chief technology officer at Lockheed Martin, will offer you the first lunchtime keynote address.