On Oct. 16, 2012, doctors at Texas Children’s Medical center performed a six-hour open up heart medical procedures on Audrina. To get her heart back her body, that they had to create space in her upper body cavity. About one-third of her center was outdoors when she was created. See video taken through the surgery below. Caution: Video could be graphic for a few users. I’ve only seen this problem a few instances in my own career and they are always very difficult cases; in fact, several babies usually do not survive, Dr.According to the researchers the arsenic amounts in the 17 samples tested are high enough to put children eating them vulnerable to a range of cancers. The researchers from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, possess calculated a baby eating the food with the best arsenic content material would receive around six situations the maximum arsenic dosage allowable under rules governing arsenic in drinking water. Even though the meals Standards Agency say that there is no risk to infants, the scientists are calling for regulations to be up to date as current limitations on arsenic in meals are outdated. They also say the regulations do not take into account recent research which includes linked chronic exposure to the element can contribute to lung and bladder cancers.