The majority got the same orgasm, 2 percent had diminished orgasm, 0.5 percent said their orgasm was better and 0.5 percent had a youthful orgasm than before surgery. The rest of the 17 percent were not able to orgasm.85 percent of the men under 60 and 77 percent of the men aged 60 plus could actually have sexual activity after surgery which rose to 90.5 percent and 82 percent respectively in those that got bilateral nerve sparing.156 individuals who attained post-operative orgasm also completed a questionnaire – 82 percent stated their fulfillment rates were high or high, 10 percent said these were moderate and 7 percent said these were low.Symptomatic clots in the deep leg veins also occurred less with apixaban treatment in adults following knee replacement frequently. However individuals in the studies suffered clots in the lungs more often under treatment with apixaban than the comparator group. From weighing up the huge benefits and harms on the basis of the data offered in the manufacturer’s dossier, IQWiG identified no proof added benefit of apixaban over the appropriate comparator therapy in knee substitution operations. Enoxaparin mainly because comparator therapy After the insertion of an artificial knee or hip, there can be an increased threat of bloodstream clots that are swept away in the bloodstream and can block a blood vessel in another portion of the body.